You're Number One

At MSA Home Improvements, Clean, Dependable Service is our top priority. We realize that while you may want a new kitchen or bathroom, you don't want to live in a construction zone. That's why we go to great lengths to minimize intrusion into your day to day life during your renovation.

Quality and service begin at our very first meeting. When we come out to provide you with an estimate, its important to us to understand what you want to achieve with your project, as opposed to just seeing what we can sell you. We do this by listening to you instead of telling you what "you really want". After our inital meeting, we will return to your home to discuss your estimate and all its details. We feel that a second meeting is important to establish proper communication and to make sure you understand what you are buying. Because of this, we will not just mail your estimate back to you.


Starting on day one, we protect all surfaces into the work area, and our people stay in the work area. We seal HVAC vents and doorways to minimize dust and debris through the rest of your house. At the end of the work day, tools are packed away and all debris is removed from any non-work areas.


We have gone to great lengths to assemble a team of dependable people to provide you with the best service available. By establishing and keeping to a structured schedule, your remodel will stay on track and you will never be left wondering "where we went?".

MSA Home Improvements has a nearly perfect record of not having any "down days" on our clients projects. Short of Permit Inspection Delays, someone is on-site everyday, and progress is being made, EVERYDAY.

MSA Home Improvements has a seven year track record of providing quality craftsmanship, timely service and of standing behind everything we do. This is something to consider the next time someone offers you a "Deal" on your next project. Many "deals" fall short once work begins. At MSA, we provide concise estimates of both cost and timeline and always communicate with our clients whenever there are changes that may effect the job.


At MSA Home Improvements we have established a team of fully licensed trades people to provide you with top notch service. All of our sub-contractors have years of experience in their field and have been with us for at least two years. We find that by subcontracting certain aspects of your project, we can retain control of the quality and offer our clients much more experience than someone that works alone and does "A little bit of everything".

Think about that for a minute, do you want to trust your homes plumbing to a licensed plumber, or someone that tells you "not to worry, i've done this plenty of times"? The difference may seem like only a few dollars, but in reality it could mean the difference between a quality job and a swimming pool in your basement!

At MSA Home Improvements, we have years of experience behind us to insure your renovation project that will look and perform as good today, as it will ten years from today.

Quality, Service, Value. We built our business on it.

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