How Long Will my Bathroom Project Take?

Our bathroom projects are usually completed in about two weeks from start of construction to finish.

The process starts with the acceptance of our proposal.

At this time we take a deposit to reserve your spot on our schedule. If your house was built before 1978, we give you a copy of the booklet "Protect Your Family From Lead In Your Home". This is a booklet about the hazards of lead based paint that may be in your home. Any applicable permits are applied for, and any non-stock finish items are ordered.

Work is usually scheduled to begin so that the special order parts will be on-site when needed as to not hold up work.

Once all that has been taken care of we can start work.

Monday Demo day begins with sealing any HVAC ducts in the bathroom, placing carpet runners and floor protection, and sealing the area to be demo'd. Generally all demoliton will be done and all debris will be removed from your house on the first day.

Tuesday We begin what I call "in-wall prep". Day two consists of any framing or repair of water damaged framing left over from the old bathroom. Depending on the amount of framing involved, the plumber may also start his work today.

Wednesday The plumber will finish anywork that didnt get done the day before, this will include setting the tub and preparation for new shower fixtures. The electrican will come in to bring the bathroom up to code (if applicable). This would include new lighting, an exhaust fan and GFCI circuit. Firestopping and insulation will also go in today and rough inspections will be scheduled.

Thursday Once all inspections (plumbing, electrical, and building) are passed, its time for drywall. Drywall usually takes two days, three at most.

Friday Drywall finishes up and the bathroom is painted and prepared for tile installation.

Monday Tile work begins and usually takes two to three days.

Tuesday Tile is mostly installed and the bathroom is starting to look like a bathroom again.

Wednesday Tile is finished up and grouted.

Thursday The final day. The plumber comes back to install the toilet, vanity, and fixture handles. The electrician installs lights and GFCI receptacles. Paint is touched up,and towel bars, trim, and other accesories are hung. Once the job had been approved by the client, we do a final clean up of the site and pack up our tools. Final payment is now due.

Friday Enjoy your new bathroom!

This is a generalization of our standard schedule for a bathroom renovation.

For more information, give us a call. 586-709-4853