Fully Licensed and Insured

MSA Home Improvements has always been fully licensed and insured.

How about your contractor?

There are alot of unlicensed contractors out there. They're generally cheaper than the licensed guys, but going cheap here can lead to trouble down the road.

If you give money to an unlicensed contractor or are dissatisfied with their work, you will have almost no recourse.

If you are having a larger project done in hopes of selling your home and your unlicensed contractor (who cant pull permits) didnt pull permits, you can lose your sale.A potential buyer can go to the city to find out what work you've done to the house. If no permits were pulled, you may lose you sale.

Even if you're initally satisfied with the work, if there is a problem down the road, you may not be able to even find your "bargain contractor".

We have always been fully licensed and insured, and have always stood behind our products. We've been around for 6 years and were not going anywhere.

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