Does your house have a crawl space?

There are new methods for dealing with crawlspaces that make your house warmer and eliminate fear of frozen pipes. We have had alot of success in treating crawlspaces as basements.

It is now reccomended (by building sciences) that crawlspaces be included in the building envelope.

MSA first cleans out the crawlspace and seals up existing vents. We then install 6mil plastic on the floor to eliminate moisture. Next the walls are covered with 2" rigid insulation which is then covered with drywall which acts as a fire barrier. Finally we install ducts to bring the conditioned air into the crawlspace. This treats the crawlspace like a basement.

The benefits? No concern about animals getting into the crawlspace and nesting in existing insulation, no worries about moisture in the summer (rememeber, when its hot outside, the crawlspace will be cooler than ambient air temp, this will make it a great place for condensation to form), no more cold floors, and no more worry about burst pipes.

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