Did you have Ice Dams this winter?

Ice dams are generally cause by a warm attic. Many roofers are offering people "rigde vents". Ridge vents are one part of a newer method for venting your attic space. These vents eliminate unattractive "turtle vents" and gable vents.

The problem is that many roofers out there willl only install part of the system. In reality ridge vents rely on three main parts.

First you need soffit vents. These vents allow air into the attic, through convection, he air rises through the attic and vents through the ridge vents at the top of the roof.

Next comes baffles. The baffles are installed inside the attic and they serve two purposes. The baffles keep iinsulation out of contact with the underisde of the roof keeping it cool. The other function of the baffles is to insure air flow from the soffit vents.

Then the ridge vents are installed. The ridge vents allow the warm air in the attic to vent outside.

Finally and other vents that are aleady installed need to be removed or sealed. Additional vents will create turbulence and actually hamper the effectivness of the ridge vent system.

One more very important part of the system is good attic insulation. Most heat loss in homes today is through the attic. This of course results in higher heat bills and warm air in the attic which promotes Ice damming.

We reccomend blown-in cellulose insulation. This insulation goes in quickly, and isnt itchy. Its actually recycled newspaper. This insulation creates a blanket effect in your attic and can be cheaper to install than fiberglas batts which if not installed properly, may not completely seal the attic.

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