Custom Cabinets and Casework

Just as the name implies. Custom work is done to fit a specific applicaton.

Custom cabinetry used to be the standard.

In the post WWII building boom, kitchen cabinets were built on-site by a carpenter custom making every part that went into them. This was time consuming and costly.

Now-a-days the majorty of cabinets for your home are built in massive shops. Parts are uniform and precut so when cabinets are ordered, workers simply remove the parts from bins and assemble your cabinets to fit their criteria. In most cases this works fine as cabinet shops offer a wide varity of sizes to fit most needs.

Custom cabinets are built to fit the needs that "standard sizes" just wont fill.

Here's a few examples, the vanity pictured on this site is 54" long. The customer wanted the largest cabinet she could fit in her bathroom. The extra 6" probably cost her three times the amount a 48" "standard" vanity would have but were able to fulfill her needs.

Our raised panel Wainscoting is another good example. It would be impossible to stock the pieces needed to create our wainscoting, so we build it on site. This wainscoting starts at $75/ lineal foot, but when were done, you have a one-of-a-kind wall treatment.

Painted or stained?

Painted custom work will always be cheaper than stain (frankly) because paint hides alot of "sins".

Our painted cabinetry is built using Blondewood panels and Poplar face frames, however, we can use any species wood to match your existing stained woodwork.

One thing to keep in mind, is as a rule custom cabinets are pricey simply because all the parts involved are "one-of-a-kind" pieces that must be hand built by the carpenter. Kitchen cabinets companies will always be less expensive because they can make parts in bulk that will fit many cabinets at the same time.

To discuss your specific application, give us a call. 586-709-4853